Silk Exotic’s X-Rated [censored]Burger Seeks to Out-Indulge Culver’s CurderBurger

MILWAUKEE, WI- “What’s hot, wet, juicy and comes on top of a quarter pound of beef?” asks Silk Exotic in an official joint statement from their General and Cuisinal Management.

“I don’t know,” the press release continues “but we’ll give it to you between a set of fresh buns.”

Possibly in response to Culver’s April-1st-joke-turned-fooditem the Curderburger, local gentlemen’s club Silk Exotic has announced a new offering. It is a gastronomic feature that we are unable to publish the official name of without breaking certain journalistic and editorial standards.

In addition to the blush-inducing name, this edible anomaly is constructed with ingredients structured in such a way that our reporters are unable to describe without opening this publication up to FCC finage. WNT Graphics Department leadership also insisted that a degree of censorship be used in any photographical presentation.

The exclusive consumable will be available every day from breakfast buffet through last call. Silk Exotic management add that CDC guidelines stipulate that patrons must sign a health waiver, list three emergency contacts and receive a tetanus immunization shot before being served the consumable.

It’s nice to meet you.

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