Milwaukee’s US Bank Building Becomes Finalist In Competition To Determine LEGO’s Newest Set

Lego US bank

MILWAUKEE, WI- Next time you’re at a Toys “R” Us or a Kaybee Toys, you may notice a familiar Milwaukee landmark in the LEGO section. The US bank building, part of our Milwaukee skyline since 1973, has recently moved on as a finalist to become a LEGO Duplo building set. The set would consist of 10 blocks in 3 different colors and would be sold at a price of $39.99. The bold and daring design of the US Bank building, which happens to be the tallest building in Milwaukee, has won numerous design awards and has been the envy of major cities across the world. While the Duplo brand has mainly been targeted towards an age group of two to four years in age, the brand is hoping this will boost the brand to a larger demographic. The voting is set to end in March and is currently ahead of the One Capital Center in Boise Idaho and the Ruan Center in Des Moines Iowa.

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