Cruz Slammed After Taking Second Vacation To Waterpark Capital Of The World Amid Crisis

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Written By: Alonzo Rivera

LAKE DELTON, WI- The Wisconsin Dells is no stranger to celebrity guest appearances. Frequented by such icons as Sting, Kanye West and that guy from the Shield. It seems the Kalahari Resort can add another photo to their wall of the rich and famous. That would be of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has been featured in the news quite a lot recently for his trip to Cancun and his lack of backbone which scientists say is “baffling he can even walk”. Texas is currently facing one of it’s worst crises since the Alamo.

Some say he’s just skipping his responsibilities but as a Wisconsin resident I have to agree with him. Water slides, wavepools, arcades, hot tub bars and killing the subsequent hangover the next morning at Paul Bunyan’s sounds a lot more fun than helping the wretched masses.

It’s nice to meet you.

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