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Arrogant Wisconsinites Acting Like It Isn’t Still March

Monday, March 1st, 2021

WISCONSIN: There’s a virus going around and no, it’s not Covid-19. Thousands of Midwestern Dads have banned together to show the rest of the United States that “Snow” isn’t a big deal and that you’re just over reacting. What started off as few years ago the occasional photo of a suburban Dad grilling in the midst of a snowstorm, wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt has turned into a pandemic.

Kyle and his neighbor Devin (pictured above) thought it would be funny to get a picture together relaxing in the snow showing the world that Wisconsinites are built differently. After going viral some thought it was funny and some thought it was insensitive and insulting including his employer. Kyle was recently fired from his job for being insensitive to the recent events in Texas that left hundreds of thousands of Texans without power when the worst snowstorm in decades hit the south. Shamed by liberals and organizations alike, Kyle has remained steadfast.

“I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong or disrespectful, honest. I really didn’t mean any harm I was just trying to be funny.” Kyle remarked.

Some of Kyle’s neighbors have started showing support for their neighbor by flying flags and even taking some of their own similar photos in the snow leading to an influx of patients with frost bite at the local hospital. Showing us Wisconsinites that even if the Alcohol makes you feel warm, it doesn’t make you any less susceptible to mother natures  nasty and frosty bite.  

It’s nice to meet you.

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