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Summerfest continues to disappoint as Country Thunder rolls on

Country Thunder Roars on

Summerfest has announced that they will be postponing until September again, however, the real news from the Wisconsin live music festival scene came from Country Thunder Wisconsin.

In a not so surprising announcement, the organizer of Country Thunder posted a video on facebook from a hospital bed, announcing that Country Thunder is still happening in July.  In between coughs, the organizer declared that it would be a disgrace to let people like Tony Evers stop Americans from enjoying music from once in a generation talent like Blake Shelton and Morgan Wallen.

Our investigative journalist Chuck Finley decided to venture into the comments of Country Thunder’s Facebook announcement to see how it was received. The comment section was mostly filled with subtle racism aimed at country star Kane Brown, which is no surprise seeing that the most hyped performer is Morgan Wallen (yes the same Morgan Wallen who went on that rant last week).

One person had the bravery to bring on the “scamdemic” and everyone with a truck, fish or confederate flag in their profile picture reminded them that COVID-19 is overblown, and that it has a 99.9% survival rate.

When masks were brought up, another comment stated that masks are more dangerous than Covid because they fill your lungs up with carbon dioxide, and other Q-Anonsense that makes you realize they failed 3rd grade natural science.

As the announcement video faded out, someone can be heard in the background saying that he believes a combo of Bud Light, Skoal Wintergreen and country music is the cure for Covid, and that he will not be getting the vaccine.

To get tickets for Country Thunder, drive to your nearest town to use their internet cafe, and search “tickets to superspreader events in Wisconsin”

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