Gays Mills Changes Town Name To Inclusivity Mills

INCLUSIVITY MILLS, WI- The picturesque village of Gays Mills today announced plans to change the village’s name to Inclusivity Mills. Village chairman Richard Inmouth told WNT, “We want to move the town forward with the times. We think this update may draw new attention and help us to grow the village with younger, more woke, outside investors.”

The Village was founded by James B. Gay and his family in 1847. Despite their name, the town has failed to draw much interest from the LGBTQIA community, who instead founded semi-autonomous enclaves in Madison and Milwaukee in the mid 1800’s.

The name change is part of a broader campaign to draw young, affluent residents from the Madison area. The village council is also moving forward with plans to make their only public building gluten free by 2025, and apply high-visibility stripes to all white-tailed deer in the County to prevent collisions.

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