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Buckin’ the Trend: Milwaukee Bucks Hire AI Coach To Replace Budenholzer

MILWAUKEE – Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the headlines lately, and it seems that the Bucks will be the first team to jump to embrace the future. After a complete meltdown that saw the team’s season come to an abrupt end, the Bucks have made the decision to replace their head-coach with an algorithm.

It’s no secret that the Bucks have been struggling lately, with multiple errors by coach Bud Budenholzer leading to two consecutive games that saw fourth-quarter collapses. As the world analyzes what went wrong, the Bucks looked for a way to show their fans that they are committed to winning and it seems like they found it. 

It seems that the Bucks are ready to take the leap and embrace the future of coaching after Budenholzer’s firing. 

For starters, an AI coach will never get a technical, it will use all timeouts, and have a challenge success rate through the roof. Plus, AI can’t harass the cheerleaders, it will take up less bench space, would tell Giannis to never take a jumper, would have put Wes on Butler, and it wouldn’t have to take a bath. Most importantly, an AI coach would call plays instead of relying on ISO ball for 80% of possessions, which, let’s admit is obvious, but without human ego and error, AI could be a game-changer for the Bucks.

As for the cons? Literally zero. Let’s fucking do it, guys!!!

With an AI coach at the helm, the Bucks could be poised for a comeback season that will leave their fans cheering.

-Ja Cavanoro reporting.

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