West Allis Police Receive Numerous Complaints Of Brutality Against E-Scooters

WEST ALLIS – Vehicular discrimination attorneys are currently in the process of filing what may be a historical case against local police departments.

WNT sat down with local attorney, Denise Furger, for an exclusive insight into the massive lawsuit.

“The only reason that chase happened last year was because of the vehicle itself. You all saw the video, why the hell are four squads on an E-Scooter? The person driving that scooter was completely innocent!”

“We have another video that shows WA officers beating a parked scooter to a broken pile of junk, there were bolts and screws thrown everywhere.”

Apparently the brutality didn’t end with that case, as Mrs. Furger also showed us newly released photos of two officers trying to hide evidence by dumping a destroyed E-Scooter in McCarty Park’s lagoon.

WNT is working with external investigators to recover evidence from said lagoon, as well as my vape that’s now at the bottom too. Stay tuned to this page for more updates as the case develops.

Allen Chalmers reporting.

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