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American Family Steps Down From Ballpark Deal, Silk Exotic Steps Up

Today, the American Family Insurance Corporation pulled out from the 40 million dollar deal for naming rights to Miller Park. With Miller Brewing already out of the picture, it left current Miller Park administration desperately searching for a new sponsor. Enter stage left, Silk Exotic. Yes, folks, Silk Exotic. While this may have eased the minds of the administration staff it did not come without controversy. Some of the comments were as follows:
“This is a family venue, I don’t think Silk Exotic represents those values”
“That’s all we need is strippers at a ballpark”
Oddly, comments came in two groups.
“This is the best fucking think to ever happen to baseball”
“Strippers riding the foul poles? God Bless America.”
With the public clearly divided, Miller Park administration says they have little option but to accept the deal. A representative from Silk Exotic was quoted saying “Hell, we are in the entertainment business aren’t we?”

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26 Responses

  1. They’re in the business of entertainment! I support this idea! It’s not like they’re going to suddenly bring all of their strippers on to the field! The general public can be so idiotic sometimes! Just because the field will be owned by Silk Exotic does NOT mean they are going to turn it into another strip club! It’s not zoned for that! It’s still going to be the same family type of venue that we’ve known and loved for years, just under the ownership of Silk Exotic. Yes, there may be some Silk Exotic advertisements going up after the change in ownership, but they’ll be the same as the Highway billboards, nothing that will be scarring any children… people forget to think logically sometimes when they hear things like this, but the owner of Silk Exotic likely wants to own the field because they see it as a good investment opportunity, they are a business person/entrepreneur/investor, and they can afford to make such an investment. I doubt they saw this opportunity and were like, “Cool! Now I can put my strippers at the stadium too! Whahahahaha!!!” C’mon now people, get it together!!!

    1. Gotta say I remember when baseball was family time. Peanuts popcorn hot dogs even apple pie. To think now it will be represented by the owner that has trash come out to his business to blow their NUTS through their DOGS over PIE is disgusting

  2. I guess kids aren’t allowed at the ballpark anymore.. There goes family baseball as I’ve known growing up .Miller parkway going to be a strip club now ? This is the worst idea.. American family insurance should have never got involved and left it alone.. Why does everything good in America has to be underlined with something that has to do with sex ???

    1. Everything in America is underlined by sex. We aren’t the land of the free, we’re the land of the sale, and sex sells. Almost all of the most important issues in our country today are centered around sex. Abortion, gay/trans issues, human trafficking— all are major talking points in America today and at the root of each one is sex. If we had a more sex positive attitude in this country we wouldn’t have to worry about traumatizing our children because we would be able to have open, honest, supportive communication about sex and sexuality. Healthy communication with our children breeds good critical thinking skills. Teach them about the world so they know how to navigate it, rather than shield them from reality and then shove them into it unprepared.

      Frankly the naming rights don’t matter though because it’ll always be Miller park. Go ahead and pay 40 mil to put up signs advertising a business that needs no advertising. The people going to silk exotic don’t need to be talked into it.

    2. Where did it say kids aren’t allowed at the baseball park? Where did it say games will includes exotic dancers everywhere. Quit being so presumptuous and looking too far into a business deal being made.

    3. Just because it’s owned by whoever owns the strip club franchise doesn’t mean they’re going to change anything about the ballpark. Like what is wrong with you? lol you think there will be strippers parading around? No. It’s still a baseball stadium. It doesn’t matter who owns it. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. as a silk exotic dancer, they dont want us going anywhere near that field. its solely for baseball games and family fun. management knows the dancers well enough and the public well enough to not put us out there.

  4. Get your panties out your a$$ nothing wrong with silk I’m sure many of your husbands frequent these clubs and strippers have families they need to support 😂 js on another note the brewers should pay for their own

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