WIS DOT Says “Keep and eye out” For Illinois Tollbooths Migrating North

Kenosha, WI – Local DOT authorities and Kenosha County Sheriffs are on high alert tonight after an Illinois Tollway tollbooth was found on the Hwy C I-94 northbound exit. It’s estimated that at least 70 vehicles were tricked into paying a $2.80 toll when exiting I-94. There was also a suspicious sign that was hand painted that read “I-Pass not accepted”.

We interviewed Antioch, IL resident Brian Boldea who was one of the travelers tricked saying “I was on my way to the Mars Cheese Castle to pick up some gouda and a sixer of Spotted Cow when I had to come to a screeching halt on the off ramp”. “I was happy to have exact change since the booth was unmanned and had one of those old school buckets you toss the money into, so at least my beer run wasn’t thwarted”.

State DOT representative John Sullivan mentioned to us that an unnamed Illinois Tollway representative denied any knowledge of the incident and claimed that this was an isolated incident. Motorists north of the Illinois border are instructed to blow right through the tolls and to not stop for any reason.

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