Wauwatosa Turkeys Deep Fried By Deep State?

WAUWATOSA, WI- The City of Wauwatosa claims to have captured and killed “3 aggressive turkeys” this week. Those 3 turkeys were apart of a larger group known as “Turkeyz4Truth”. We were able to get in touch with the two surviving turkeys to get their side of the story.

“We have information that the state does not want us to have.” Turkey #1 told us. “The message we are spreading is detrimental to the deep state, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. We will not stop until the truth is known.”

Turkey #2 refused to comment on the record.

The Turkeys seem to be garnering support from a city near by, Kenosha, WI. A city who recently saw a Turkey icon pass. When we asked a local Kenoshian why they were supporting the Truth4Turkeyz group he responded “Its what Carl would have wanted, Im doing this for Carl.”

We will sure to keep you updated as this thing unfolds.

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