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Southern Schools Ban Teaching Meteorology In Hopes Of Avoiding Bad Weather

Madison- Meteorology has become the next battleground in the culture wars. Conservative states are quietly rushing to ban the teaching of meteorology in public schools, in an attempt to stop severe weather becoming more common.

The trouble began when Texas experienced a devastating winter storm in early 2021. Conservative think tanks noted at the time that meteorology was being openly discussed in classrooms. Some teachers gave students graphic descriptions of the scientific underpinnings of weather prediction and common causes of severe weather. Other students were exposed to pictures depicting severe weather in places like San Francisco, Miami and New York City.

Andrea Pylar of Auburn, Alabama told the Associated Press, “My 12 year-old thinks it’s normal now to have winter storms in our state. Her teacher told her this is America’s new normal. This is disgusting.”

At a recent school board meeting in Atlanta, parent Adi Lockruff went further. She said, “Liberal states like Wisconsin teach students as early as the 7th grade about meteorology, and what do you get? They just think it’s ok to have blizzards or ice storms. I don’t want my kids to accept every story from the liberal media about people adapting to severe weather. I will not accept more severe weather in my neighborhood.”

Governor Evers’ office maintains its position that exposing students to meteorology with scientific context is appropriate. The state curriculum acknowledges that severe weather is not a choice, but is in fact naturally occurring in a small percentage of the atmosphere. 

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