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Urban Milwaukee to Refocus on Satire-Based News as Readership Plummets

Urban Mil Twist

Contrary to popular belief, Urban Milwaukee is NOT already a satire news source, and claims to have never posted a satirical article. Per their website, “Urban Milwaukee is an online daily focused on the city of Milwaukee. Founded in 2008, the publication covers real estate, politics, arts & entertainment and food & drink news.” (Source: Urbanmilwaukee.com/about). That’s all about to change, as their leadership has cited “pure, unadulterated jealousy towards the credibility and popularity of news sites such as your own” as a major component of the rationale behind their decision.

“We’ve seen our membership plummeting for years now, and now that we see the following amassed by groups such as The Onion and CNN, we felt that now was the best time for a strategic rebrand. New Year, New Us, Amirite?” Said Mayor Tom Barrett, Chief Idea Officer at Urban Milwaukee. “Following President Trump’s criticism of Fake News, we felt that if we branded ourselves as fake and just kept writing the same stuff, we could take ourselves off of his radar”.

President Trump’s criticism of Fake News and 2020 as a whole have certainly taken their toll on the News industry, as readers struggle to determine what the f**k is real and what isn’t. In a reader poll, Wisconsin News Today superfan Tom Brady, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said “You can’t even tell what’s real or truthful nowadays, because reality has become so unpredictable and news outlets have become more and more politically biased. The way I see it, I can either listen to the guys who openly admit they’re lying to me, or listen to the biased guys who are lying to me while telling me it’s fact-checked and true? I know my choice!”

2020 was a shitshow, I didn’t have any of this shit on my bingo card. Pandemic? Check. Economic Collapse? Check. Australia on fire? Check. Gov’t releases UFO videos? Check. Tiger King? Of course. Stockpiled toilet paper? You bet. Kanye West running for President of the most powerful nation in the world? Still not even the weirdest thing.

Wisconsin News Today born? Check. I guess some good things can come from this afterall!

Richard Taste is Nightly Reporter and Senior Editor at Wisconsin News Today since January of 2021. Dick has studied worldwide, from Oxford to Yale, and has been featured in publications such as Playboy Magazine, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. In his free time, Mr. Taste enjoys traveling the streets of beautiful West Allis, Wisconsin with his mail-order wife, Svetlana.

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