Tom Barrett Departs For Luxembourg On Newly Commissioned MAYOR FORCE ONE

MILWAUKEE,WI- Earlier this week the US senate confirmed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as acting ambassador to Luxembourg. Serving Milwaukee for more than 17 years Barrett has without a doubt left his mark on the city. Which leaves us to ponder whether Milwaukee has left a mark on him.

Apparently, it has because earlier today the 123.9 Million Dollar newly renovated trolley was unveiled to the public. Aptly named Mayor Force One, the heavily armed street car now has lots of new and exciting features such as the capability to jam enemy radar and IRCM (Infrared Counter Measure) systems, to divert incoming infrared missiles.

Some Milwaukeeans are very upset with mayor Barrett’s decision to take The Hop with him, but our team of Investigators are convinced that all 10 of them will eventually get over it.

More on this story as it develops.

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