This Milwaukee Vigilante Has People Asking “Who The Heck Is This Masked Hero?”

Yesterday at aprrox 5pm an Unknown Hero stopped an attempted purse snatching. He was able to subdue the would-be asailant until the MPD showed up. We were able to contact the victum and get some insight into the situation, and ask her who she thinks our new hero could be.

“He jumped right over me and wrapped that criminal up in his enourmous arms!” she said. ” He even passed my purse back to me without looking! I offered to give him a reward, but he said he only accepts smoothies before he sprinted away. I dont know who he is, but he is the Hero we deserve in this city. We need this new hero to wage war against the Kia Boyz.”

We were unable to get in contact with the hero. He has not answered our WNT signal in the sky, updates to come.

It’s nice to meet you.

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