REPORT: Tailgating Definitely Gets You To Your Destination Faster

MILWAUKEE, WI- Being 20 inches away from the rear bumper of the car in front of you gets you to your destination half a second faster and is totally safe. You have two whole tenths of a second to react in case of sudden braking, etc. In front of you. Also, tailgating encourages the car in front of you to go faster because they totally control how fast the cars in front of them are going. Tailgating also increases gas mileage and reduces wear and tear, especially if you gas brake gas brake constantly.

When approaching red lights, always slam on the brakes at the last possible second so you can maximize the amount of time you can scroll Facebook while waiting for the light to turn green.
Make sure to leave 15+ feet between you and the car in front of you also. So when you aren’t paying attention when the light turns green, you cause even more people behind you to miss the green light too.

James Edmundson Reporting

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