MPD Newest Recruit Promises To Put Crime On Permanent “Timeout”

MILWAUKEE, WI- As labor shortages surge across the country many institutions are taking drastic measures to stay operational. With rising crime and a lack of officers to patrol the streets, the Milwaukee Police Department is no exception. Turning to the local elementary school, 5 lucky children were drafted into the Future Officers Recruitment Program or F.O.R.P.

One of these lucky children is Jon Chen, selected for his bravery.

“We really liked the way he stood up to the bully Scott Christianson after recess for trying to steal his chocolate milk. He’s got the makings of a great Policeman.” the observing officers noted.

Jon was fitted for his tiny, adorable, little uniform, handed his service pistol and sent out on the beat. Patrolling the streets is no easy task but Jon seemed more than up to that challenge. We had a chance to speak to Jon after state mandated officer nap time.

He told us he’s always wanted to be a cop since yesterday and he’s really excited he doesn’t have to be at school right now.

It’s nice to meet you.

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