Milwaukee Public Works Trains Ukrainian Soldiers to Disable Russian Vehicles Using Potholes

WASHINGTON DC- A Pentagon source has confirmed to WNT that Milwaukee Public Works (MPW) is now training Ukrainian special forces on the art of disabling vehicles using potholes. Sources in the Mayor’s office have told WNT that Ukrainian soldiers began rotating through the program last month. MPW is teaching soldiers how their traditional roadway management techniques produce vehicle-disabling potholes.  In addition to potholes, soldiers learn other techniques from MPW including the use of excessive traffic barrels and conflicting detour signs.

One MPW instructor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told WNT “Look, everyone knows we’re the best in the nation at destroying vehicles. This is our time to shine. We’re confident we can disable large numbers of tanks. We’ve been honing this craft for decades.”

The program aims to put trained public works specialists on the front lines this spring, in time for the traditional construction season. Follow WNT for developments on this story.

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