Local Suburbanites Aren’t Afraid Of Metal Poster After All 

We hit the hard streets here at Wisconsin News Today, and this past weekend, we walked around Cedarburg toting the flyer for an upcoming metal show in Milwaukee just to scare the hell out of people. With names like Impaler, Ingrown, Fuming Mouth and Dying Fetus- we knew we were in for a treat. 

“Dying Fetus, eh? Thats pretty gnarly actually”, said 66 year old Tom Hopkins of West Allis. 

“Oh, Lamb of God, I’ve heard of them”, said Janice Dorsey of Theinsville, 44. 

This was going to be harder then we thought. 

When we found 88 year old Shirley Crestwood walking the blocks of downtown with her daughter and grandchildren, we approached with caution. 

“The world is a confusing place. Suicidal Tendencies? Oh, wow. I wish them all good luck”, said Shirley, in direct reference to some of the bands coming to town. 

Old people can be so cute. 

“I wonder what Jungle Rot smells like”, said 16 year old grandson Parker. 

Find out in May at The Rave. 

Allison reporting 

It’s nice to meet you.

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