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The Two Clocks At George Webb’s Are Actually Preventing Us From Time Travel

MILWAUKEE, WI – Disguised as cozy diners spread out around the city of Milwaukee, local restaurant chain, George Webb’s has a hidden secret that very few know about. On the back wall of all of their locations sit two clocks, each one minute apart. Many will tell you the story of how those clocks were used as a loophole back in the mid 1900’s to stay open 24 hours, which was against the law back then. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The two clocks do far more than just tell time. Those plain Jane quartz clocks keep us safe from time travelers from the future, attempting to disrupt the space-time continuum for money, power, and other evil deeds. A small band of waitresses, waiters, cooks, and busboys are all that stand between us and our timeline being sent spiraling out of control.

Prior to the clocks, time travelers roamed free causing all kinds of chaos and unexplained phenomena. There was an instance where the sacred clocks were put at risk though. In 1987, the Milwaukee Brewers won 12 games in a row which led to the George Webb restaurants making good on their promise to give away free burgers. Thousands of fans lined up for free burgers and the staff was overrun, leaving the clocks unprotected.

After the way 2020 is going, there have been talks about lifting the time travel ban. A way to roll the dice and see if earth could be led down a different path on the continuum, but the risk was deemed far too great. Many of the restaurants closed their dining rooms during the Covid shutdowns, risking shutting their doors forever. So I beg of all of you, support your local Webb’s, they are our last defense.

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