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Jack Antonoff Denies Summerfest Gig, Festival Organizers Clarify: We Meant Literal Bleachers

MILWAUKEE – Summerfest is facing a growing wave of anger and frustration after a series of miscommunications surrounding the rock band Bleachers. Jack Antonoff, the band’s songwriter, took to Twitter to clarify that Bleachers had no plans to perform at the festival and, in fact, had never been invited in the first place.

The festival’s Booker, Steve Swanzerski, attempted to do damage control, but his explanation only seemed to pour fuel on the fire. “HOO BOY, sorry folks, I had no idea that there was even a band called Bleachers. Our intention was to simply highlight that we have literal bleachers everywhere for attendees to plant their big ol’ butts on to,” Swanzerski admitted, adding fuel to the already simmering discontent.

In an effort to gauge fan reactions, I hurriedly made my way to the Generac Power Stage, only to bash my fucking shins on some bleachers, trip and eat shit in front of the Skalitzsky family sporting t-shirts from the New Jersey rock band. Their disappointment was palpable.

“We are incredibly let down by this confusion. It was supposed to be a memorable first concert experience for my sons,” shared disheartened mother Debbie Skalitzsky. 

Adding insult to injury, two intoxicated college students stumbled upon another set of bleachers, inadvertently spilling their Vizzy Hard Seltzers all over the unsuspecting Skalitzky kids.

As the backlash against Summerfest intensifies, the festival organizers are grappling with the fallout from their mishandling of the Bleachers situation. The incident has left many attendees feeling misled and betrayed, highlighting the need for clear and accurate communication in future events.

Lucas DeLong reporting

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