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Divers Discover Fabled Lost City Of East Allis, Sunken Deep In Lake Michigan

KENOSHA, WI- Imagine, huddled around the fire, our ancestors telling tales of a highly advanced, utopian society, seemingly swept away by the merciless ocean, never to be heard from again. Purely fiction. There’s no way such a place could exist. So we thought.

The legend goes, in desperate need of a community to call their own, the employees of Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing created the utopia known as Allis, WI. A society of highly educated, spiritual, technologically advanced Wisconsinites working towards the betterment of all humanity. Truly ahead of its time.

There was an unparalleled time of peace in Allis but like all great empires, they eventually fall. Allis was no different. With progress will come those who push against it. A faction of citizens banned together to form a nationalist group bent on keeping the glory of Allis to themselves. This meant no longer sharing innovations in healthcare and farming with Wisconsin and the rest of the world as they’ve done for years. The high counsel refused but not without consequence.

A civil war began.

Those who wished for a brighter future for all humanity, the East.

Those who chose to hinder progress, the West.

After all of their children were sent to labor camps, the people of East Allis choose to take passive action against evil West Allis, by sinking their city into the icy depth of Lake Michigan. They knew there was no going back and saw no other options.

And that’s where the story ends. Until now.

A team of divers off the tropical coast of Kenosha have discovered what they believe to be the ancient ruins of East Allis. Thought for decades to have been merely fiction, the fabled city actually does exist. Though it seems all of it’s inhabitants drowned immediately.

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  1. You need to write ✍ part 2 of the story – how East Allis rose up again to help with the new direction WestAllis and its inspired leader Dan Devine is taking to revitalize the city – East Allis continues to promote Ecological- Artistic and Inspirational projects- We have many pictures we can share with you- Thank you Jon Cervantes president of the E.A.N.A East Allis Neighborhood Association – (very creative writing)

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