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City of Madison Introduces Lower Yahara Flex Lane

MADISON, WI – Following the success of the Flex Lane addition to Madison’s Beltline, city transportation officials are eager to further relieve traffic. City officials announced plans to implement an additional highway lane to the shoulder of the Lower Yahara River Trail. 

The Lower Yahara Flex Lane aims to increase traffic flow coming into the city from the south by combining the serene experience of watching the sunset reflect off Lake Waubesa with the bone-chilling rush that only comes with six inches of clearance between you and a Nissan Altima barrelling through 4pm traffic at 95 miles per hour. 

Much like the original Flex Lane, the addition to the Lower Yahara trail will only be open during high volume traffic times, including: sunset, weekends after Labor day, post office holidays, and when Mom gets overwhelmed enough to warrant sneaking a cigarette.

The innovative solution isn’t just a means of creating safer, easier traffic patterns. It’s also increasing access to the city’s most beautiful spots in nature without deviating too far from the original framework developed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 

“You gotta admit it’s smart to add more uses to such a valuable community asset,” said McFarland resident Latrina Splatterbottom, “The trail has always been a place to unwind alone or talk with a loved one while appreciating nature.” 

The Lower Yahara Flex Lane is also bringing families together.

“Since the new lane was added, it’s also become a quick way into town, a place to teach your children about roadway safety,” continued Splatterbottom. “And even a chance to revisit the red, asphalt-fused splatter that once was our son David!”

Matthew Mandli reporting.

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