Citizens Outraged As Proposed 2021 Budget Includes Rims For The Hop

Saturday January 9th, 2021
MILWAUKEE,WI -After a long discussion among constituents. A council of Milwaukee budgeters have reached an agreement on the long awaited plan for 2021. Public works, community efforts and Covid relief for small businesses are among some the beneficiaries of this new budget plan but one thing on this list threw many council members for a loop. Brand new, spinning, 28 inch Rims are to be attached to the controversial Hop street car.

The brainchild of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett the new plan includes this 80,000 dollar upgrade. Many council members were outraged at the idea of this but a disgruntled Barrett refused to sign the relief plan until his demands were met. Council member Tracy Allman spoke.“The mayor seems dead set on this ridiculous use of taxpayers money. Businesses are struggling and all he can seem to focus on is these stupid rims for the street car.”
Citizens aren’t exactly happy either. “The pandemic has shut down many of our beloved small businesses and our leaders are focused on the wrong things.” an East Side resident said. Only a few residents have differing opinions. Jon from the southside had this to say. “Dope.”

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