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Brewers Introduce Epic “Bat-Boy Flip” Home Run Celebration

MILWAUKEE, WI – In an attempt to keep up with home run celebrations in Major League Baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers are unleashed a new celebration of their own: The Batboy Flip. 

It’s difficult to tell whether or not we should be excited for this 2023 Brewers team. On one hand, they sit near the top of the NL Central over one third of the way through the season. If the playoffs started today, they would be in! In the hand, their paltry record of being just above .500 instill little to no confidence that this team is built for a playoff push. 

To inject a little excitement into the confusing season, the Brewers have decided to take home run celebrations to a new level. 

“Every team has their own home run celebration,” Brewers manager Craig Counsell explained, “We needed something that nobody else was doing. Something… bigger.” 

From selfies to hockey helmets to gold chains to taking a ride in a laundry bin across the dugout, there’s no question MLB home run celebrations have elevated over the years. But how could the Brewers invent something even more epic than a team selfie? 

The Brewers had a response: “Hold our beers.” 

Last night, the beer-makers unveiled the epic “Bat Boy Flip” home run celebration where a hitter who has hit a “no doubter dinger” will grab the bat-boy and flip them as high as they can in the air in an attempt to see which will land first” the crushed ball or the bat boy. 

The first Brewer player who tested out the celebration was the team leader in home runs, Rowdy Tellez, who send a 2-1 inside fastball into the right field second deck at American Family Field last night. Tellez then grabbed the bat boy, Rickie Dorn, by the shoulders and launched him into the twenty plus feet into the night sky to the delight of the 30,000 drunk Brewers fans.  

Despide Dorn quitting immediately after leaving the field on a stretcher, the crowd reaction to the flip meant the celebration was a resounding success. 

“They absolutely loved it,” Counsell continued, “We’re currently taking applications for lightweight, aerodynamic bat boys.” 

Dr. Jonathan H. Dong reporting

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