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Wisconsin School Children Found In Kettle Moraine After Being Lost For 30 Years

KETTLE MORAINE, WI- 30 years ago in July of 1987, 47 Sophomore students and 3 Staff chaperones of a Kettle Moraine High camping club would set off on the trip of a lifetime. They planned to camp in the forest for 5 days and 4 nights. That morning they set off on their trip would be the last time they were seen by anyone ever again…until now.

The Lost Kettle Morainians were observed by a local pilot flying over the forest. He noticed smoke in a remote area and flew in to discover a tribe of 75-100 feral humans. Flying by a few times he observed them engaging in some wild behaviors including cannibalism. Appearing to be eating the only overweight member over the tribe.

They seemed to be honoring him before they consumed him. “What I saw that day shook me to my core” said the Pilot who has chosen to remain anonymous. Wisconsin Legislature is now faced with a dramatic dilemma: Do they let the tribe be, and remain uncontacted? Or. Do they intervene and make contact, potentially spreading COVID19 throughout this tribe? One politician who also has chosen to remain anonymous has given his opinion on the matter stating

“They live in Wisconsin, they need to pay Wisconsin Taxes. I believe they did this on purpose to avoid paying their fair share!” said a man whos name rhymes with Jon Ronson.

One thing is for sure is that this has become a hot topic of debate in the State Legislature and State Officials will continue to discuss potential resolutions in the coming weeks. Us here at WNT will stay on top of the story and keep our readers updated as things develop further.

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