WI Lawmakers Lower Number Of DUI’s Needed To Lose License From 18 To A More Reasonable 10

MADISON, WI- With the new year rapidly approaching it’s a good time to remind you that New Years Eve is like the Super Bowl for intoxicated drivers. In-fact more people get DUI’s on this day than any other day of the year. So Wisconsin Lawmakers drafted a bill that promises to make our roads safer and crack down on drunk driving.

“By lowering the number of DUI’s required to lose your license from 10 to 7 we’re almost guaranteeing that 90 percent of Wisconsin drivers will be 1 DUI away from having to take the bus.” said Governor Tony Evers in an interview with WNT earlier this morning. Though the bill shares some bi-partisan support it’s not without it’s opposition. Republican lawmakers and the Tavern League of Wisconsin stand strongly against the bill for limiting freedom and taking money from insurance companies. Claiming it would ‘hurt the economy’.

The decision to draft such a groundbreaking bill came after a Green Bay man (now this is real) received his 18th DUI when he knocked out a section of power to Green Bay’s east side. So when deciding whether or not to get behind to wheel on New Years Eve, don’t. The consequences just got more severe, sort of.

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