What Are You Hiding KFC on hwy 100? You Remodeled The Dining Area Yet Only Have The Drive Thru Open

WEST ALLIS, WI- Speculation runs rampant in this city. This is something us hot, young, sexy reporters are very familiar with. Like many great news organizations we like to assume things before we know the full truth.

Last week a very important scoop was brought to our attention. A Facebook user on the official Wisconsin News Today Facebook page pointed out that “KFC on HWY 100 just completely remodeled their lobby just to keep it closed and only keep the drive thru open. The line was ridiculous. But not a journo in sight.”

Could it be a secret government facility? Could it be the elusive 12th Herb and Spice? All we know is that line is for sure, too damn long.

Alonzo Rivera reporting.

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