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Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Mysteriously Disappear “They Just Frank Lloyd Left”

SPRING GREEN, WI – Iowa County authorities were left stunned this morning after dozens of calls reported local attraction Taliesin had mysteriously vanished. Upon investigating the area, the ground beneath where it once stood seemed undisturbed – as if the entire building simply disappeared. The home, built by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, began construction in 1911.

Officer Randy Freund informed onlookers that an investigation was underway. “Usually we do not launch investigations if a home has been missing less than 24 hours, but due to the high profile nature of this case, we’ve elected to move forward. At this time we do not suspect foul play. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Taliesin, we encourage you to come forward.”

In a disturbing turn of events, it was later reported that more of the 43 remaining Wright homes in Wisconsin had also disappeared overnight bringing the total number of vanished buildings to seven. Weeping residents lined the Milwaukee streets, with at least one vocal member of the crowd proclaiming “those f**king FIBs must have did it. Little Oak Park b****es.” 

Wright historian Andrew Kandler provided a theory that is gaining traction in the /wrightstuff subreddit: perhaps all the buildings are being relocated to a central location. In 1932’s The Disappearing City, Wright developed his concept of Broadacre City – a suburban, low density utopia wherein every resident received an acre of land. Kandler thinks it’s possible the Wright homes left as part of an artistic renaissance.

“The pandemic has really changed the way many of us think about work and life. With so many people working remotely, the allure of big cities is diminishing,” said Kandler. “Perhaps other Wright enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands and bringing Broadacre to fruition. You love to see it, really.” 

When asked about how ordinary citizens could pull off transporting entire structures without alerting neighbors to their presence, bystanders just shrugged their shoulders. “Why are you asking me, I’m not a theoretical logistician,” said Deer Widow Andrea Scheer. 

The last time a historical landmark went missing was early 2019 when the iconic Jukebox Charlie’s sign in Fond du Lac was removed. If you have seen Taliesen or any other Wright house, please call the Iowa County’s Sheriff’s Office. 

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