WDNR Issues Bulletproof Vests To Whitetail Population To “Even Out The Competition” This Year

MADISON, WI- This summer, the DNR will begin locating and outfitting Wisconsin deer with bulletproof vests in order to “even out the competition”. They hope to equip all deer with the protective gear by the start of hunting season this fall.

“We see it as a way to even out the competition between man and beast,” said DNR representative Hunter Fishell, “For too long, man has had free rein over which deer lives and dies. Last I checked, the grim reaper doesn’t wear camo and blaze orange.”

They hope this provides more of a challenge to the age-old game of hunting. Giving the deer an edge on the competition will likely bring a more interesting aspect to the sport.

“Hunting has become too dang easy,” said Cedarburg resident, Michael C. Jordan, “I gladly welcome the added challenge.”

We reached out to a deer for a comment, but did not hear back.

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