Waukesha Man Claims Waiter Spit In Food – Police Find It Was Just Seasoning

Waukesha man is serious

“A case of mistaken identity led the cops to Olive Garden on Bluemound Rd. at 6PM last night.

The Cops were called to the Olive Garden in Brookfield as Bob Johnson from Waukesha, told the manager that his waiter had spit in his food.

When the cops arrived on the scene, Mr. Johnson was seen holding his alfredo chicken in the managers face, demanding the manager explain to him what these “green flakes” are in his food, and yelling about how this would never happen at other Italian establishments like Pizza Ranch.

When the cops were able to get Mr. Johnson back into his booth, the 22 year old manger explained to the responding officer that the green flakes found in the food were in fact parsley that was sprinkled onto the food to give it more flavor.

When asked about the incident, the 17 year old waiter said “He has never seen anything like this in his 5 days of restaurant experience”.

No charges were filed, and Mr. Johnson was asked to leave.”

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