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Rodgers Won’t Stop Talking About “The Hat Man” Since His Ayahuasca Trip

GREEN BAY, WI- Not much is known of the mysterious “Hat Man” except that Aaron Rodgers first started seeing the shadowy figure after his Ayahuasca fueled trips in Peru during the 2020 and 2022 offseasons. Aaron says

“He will sometimes appear in the distance usually veiled by darkness holding the corpse of a dead rabbit and sometimes a blade.”

Teammates are concerned for the quarterback who now fears being in the locker room alone, after he claims the lights “started to flicker and turn off one by one”. He continued.

“It was behind me, not even breathing hard. I heard it’s feet hitting the ground in a constant rhythm. I ran to my car, opened the door, slammed it behind me and locked it as fast as I could.”

It’s nice to meet you.

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14 Responses

    1. Right. Because bad trips dont exist and this guy totally hasnt’ been super forthcoming about his experimental drug use.

      I use them all the time and you’re so full of shit. Grow up, it happens

    2. I just been trying to do research on this ghost. It sounds crazy of course, but my grandmother a while before she passed claims to have seen a shadow figure just like him. They lived in East LA in the projects. While my mom was a baby being fed milk by my grandmother, my grandma claims she saw a figure just like him standing behind her smoking a cigarette ,while they were home alone, as soon as my grandma saw it she said “Oh God,” it walked towards the window & turned into smoke & went out the window, after it left a bit of smoke was still fading inside her home.

  1. The Hatman is a huge deal, hope you have made it past this terrifying meeting with the supernatural 🙏😯

  2. This isn’t propaganda otherwise it’d be all over mainstream sources. Notice the mainstream sources only tout his positive experiences? Notice a recent sudden surge in celebrities doing ayahuasca as some trendy thing to do? Why? Why is something like this being encouraged? I think it’s the potential to be misused and disrespect by normie trendies who heard will smith and Chelsea handler describe some watered down “trip” to encourage us all to do it. Why is it so unbelievable that opening up portals has the potential to leg something into this realm? Attach itself to you ? This is very possible. Especially when a bunch of people are just doing it for entertainment and cool points. You are still going to a place that should not be disrespected and played with. So here we are

  3. I have seen the hat man in a hotel. Did not know it was a big thing. Till my son saw him as well in his closet. We have not seen him for over 30 yrs. And greatful I have not

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