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Residents Complaining About Rock Sports Complex Violate Noise Ordinances

FRANKLIN –  An event organizer is filing a complaint with the City of Franklin after neighbors around The Rock complex were extremely loud and distracting while they were trying to focus.

During the Libraries of America event on September 23rd, organizers claimed the neighbors were complaining so loud, they were able to measure the yelling at 300 decibels. 

“We were simply trying to go over original copies of some rare books when all of a sudden we were drowned by the noise of constant complaints. Nothing would soothe their anger, everything was wrong.”

Organizers said in addition to the constant complaining, barking dogs, people revving motorcycles and their project cars, and the occasional drunk neighbor setting off fireworks had also been a problem.

“We aren’t alone on this. Apparently some of the Franklin Neighbors made so much noise it could be heard at the Franklin House of Corrections where it measured at 50db,” said the event organizer. “They said disruptions lasted 39 minutes. They are absolutely up in arms over this. They couldn’t hear Frasier, and they spent all night looking forward to that show.”

The City of Franklin has released a statement saying it plans to do a full investigation and independent study of the loud noise levels. However, they did confirm The City of West Allis has already filed a related grievance stating that the noise level in Franklin is drowning out the sound of any race events at The Milwaukee Mile.

Allen Chalmers Reporting

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