“Order up!” Exclaimed An Enthusiastic Scott Walker, Co-owner Of The Reopened Comet Cafe

Scott Walker standing infant of Comet Cafe

Wednesday. January 12, 2021

Written by David Johns

“Order up”!  Exclaimed an enthusiastic Scott Walker, co-owner of the reopened Comet Cafe. After a controversial term as Wisconsin Governor, Scott decided to use his love for food to treat Milwaukee residents to some of his favorite culinary delights.  

New menu items like “Tonette’s ham spread sandwich”, named after his wife, which features a blend of Boars head cured ham, miracle whip, and pickles blended to a smooth creamy paste and lathered between two pieces of classic wonder bread. Try his ham and cheese sandwich with or without the crust. It’s served with a public school cardboard pint of white milk and comes in a brown paper bag with your name on it. On weekend mornings, order up a hot ham and roll platter to start your day off right, or pop in on a Sunday afternoon for a yummy dessert featuring vanilla custard served in a dish.

In fact, those are really your only menu options, so it’s great for the fussy foodie.   “If things take off, we may open a spot in FOX point or in Wauwatosa on CONgress street.   Currently open for lunch 7 days a week and staffed by Scott’s family, it’s sure to became a staple in the community.

It’s nice to meet you.

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