Netflix Considers Charging Its Male Customers Extra To View Cleavage

LOS GATOS, CA- As we all know Netflix is in trouble. So much so that the 95 billion dollar company has been considering using ads to make up for the profit gap caused by dropping subscribers. Essentially becoming the very thing they swore to destroy. Yet, some executives at Netflix wish to take this a step further.

Charging it’s male subscribers extra to view boobies may soon be a reality for the streaming service. A spokeswoman for Netflix reached out to our news team to make this statement.

“Netflix has always had the mentality of throwing things at the wall and seeing if they stick. It’s our policy with most shows. Most of the time you get a Cowboy Bebop but sometimes, sometimes ladies and gentlemen you get a Stranger Things and that’s what we’re doing here. Advertisements may not be enough to keep the company afloat.”

If test trials go well it’s expected that Netflix will implement the Dong Blocker 3000 for female customers in fall of this year.

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