Mayfair Mall Veteran’s Discounts Exclusive To Troops Posted There In 2020

WAUWATOSA – Mayfair Mall is looking back in remembrance at a time when Bubble Tea, and those guys who harass you to buy perfume and phone cases, were almost a distant memory in Wauwatosa.

Three years ago this summer Mayfair Mall found itself in the center of a divided city. Protestors on both sides of the political spectrum clashed multiple times in the Mall, requiring the National Guard to step in. Mayfair’s PR director, Angela Powers, spoke to the media yesterday morning to discuss how they’ll be remembering, and showing gratitude to the troops who stepped in.

“We felt the safety and security of our employees and patrons were our biggest priority, so we decided it was best in an indoor setting to throw a lot of people with guns into the mix. Closing the mall temporarily was an option, but our financial motivations outweighed that. Plus, we’ve never seen so much media attention.”

“For those members of the National Guard, we will be offering exclusive discounts all summer that include 25% off any items at Spencer’s gifts (30% off beer bongs), one free pillow from Love-Sac, and one free one-topping pretzel from Auntie Annie’s.”

She continues,

“They risked their lives to ensure Banana Republic, The Lego store, and Claire’s suffered no damage. So we made sure we pulled out all the stops to make sure they feel appreciated.”

It’s nice to meet you.

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