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“Kwik Trip Flavored” Ice Cream Unveiled For National Ice Cream Day

WISCONSIN – To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Midwesterners have one more ice-cream flavor option at their favorite gas station: Kwik Trip Flavored Nature’s Touch Ice Cream. 

See what familiar tastes are encapsulated in this sweet treat’s highly complex flavor profile:

  1. Karuba Coffee
  2. Day-old Glazer Donut
  3. Menthol cigarettes
  4. Urge Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips
  5. Stolen blue bag of softener salt
  6. Hot Spot Roller-Dog
  7. Absolutely no mint
  8. Don Zietlow
  9. 2am Kitchen Cravings Cheese Mountain Pizza
  10. Broken tire pressure gauge 
  11. Yellow “Use Other Register” sign
  12. White Fluorescent Light
  13. Ultimate-Level Kwik Trip Gas Card
  14. Distant Kwik Trip Bakery aftertaste 
  15. Kwik Trip Premium Gasoline 
  16. Kwik Trip Premium Gasoline pump handle
  17. Used Hypodermic Needle Disposal Container
  18. “Caution: Wet Floor” sign
  19. Really loud motorcycle
  20. Semi truck taking up 6 parking spots 
  21. Green bananas
  22. Brown bananas
  23. No yellow bananas
  24. A person who is standing in front of the glass refrigerator door you want to go in, but they’re taking forever and you just want to grab that one thing really quick. 
  25. Distilled water 
  26. Distilled employee
  27. The spot where the Red Box used to be 
  28. A 12-hour shift 
  29. Police crime scene tape
  30. Person saying “You know what Kwik Trip should make?” 
  31. A BJ in the Beer Cave
  32. Cashier’s skin tag
  33. Red brick tile floor bathroom grout
  34. The tears of a divorced middle-aged man buying five take-home meals to last the week
  35. Chocolate

Contributed by Wisconsin News Today staff

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