Governor Evers Looking Forward To Upcoming Hot Governor Summer

MADISON, WI- With his re-election campaign underway, low unemployment and strong economic vitals, Governor Evers has turned his attention to his upcoming hot boy summer. “A wave of economic optimism isn’t the only thing I want to ride this summer” said the governor as he did leg presses at his local gym.

The Governor is using his Hot Boy Summer to highlight the state’s tourism sector. In a prepared statement, the Governor said, ” Wisconsinites need to be reminded that our tourism sector is as strong as my core, and as diverse as my leg routine.”

Details of his itinerary are still pending. Madison’s political insiders are speculating that Evers will skip the UW Madison campus this year, and spend most of his time in Milwaukee. Bradford Beach, Collectivo on the Lakefront and the Third Ward are all expected to feature prominently in the Governor’s quest for ladies and good times.

WNT will update this story as the Governor’s Hot Boy Summer unfolds.

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