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Fox News Announces Radio Debut Of “AI Rush Limbaugh”

When Rush Limbaugh went off the air for the last time two years ago, his loyal supporters mourned over the conservative icon’s final show. Near the end, Rush believed that he “had failed in his mission to spread the dangers of liberalism.” However, it seems as though his war has only just begun.

That’s right! Rush Limbaugh has been forever immortalized in a computer, and his return to radio has been the most anticipated moment in right wing history since FDR finally kicking the bucket.

Fox News has posted on Twitter discussing the new host, saying that AI Rush “will be stronger in his fight against woke liberalism with every update to his programming, and has already written two weeks worth of content.

When asked about this content, Fox stated that most of the first few weeks will revolve around “My Little Pony.” They said that because of the large amounts of rainbows ingrained into the show, Rush believes that the show is the “primary source of brainwashing from the Woke army, and that a military intervention in Portland must occur soon to defeat them.”

AI Rush has garnered millions of listeners in only his first few shows back on the air and his podcast subscriber count has surpassed anything Fox has seen before. However, his newest rival, and former Fox employee, Tucker Carlson, isn’t as happy. It has been alleged that Carlson has been attempting to email Trojan Horse Viruses he’s been saving since 2007. Fox has not commented on those allegations, nor have they responded to accusations of sexual harassment from AI Rush. One coming from the wife of another rival, Ben Shapiro.

Allen Chalmers Reporting.

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