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Culver’s To Stir Up The Waters With All New Fat Free Fish Fry

Culvers Fish Fry

Here in Wisconsin, the Friday night fish fry is a time honored tradition. Some prefer beer battered, some prefer breaded, but as long as it’s deep fried and served with some sort of potato, it’s a crowd favorite. Now in our state we have what some may consider a bit of a “weight problem”. We are known for beer, cheese curds and custard, the perfect diabetic storm if you will. Now imagine for a moment, if you could have your fish and eat it too. Well one popular restaurant is looking to make your dieting days a little easier.

Culver’s is almost a religion in Wisconsin. Juicy butter burgers, creamy custard, and fried cheese curds will have you begging for a bigger pair of jeans. During the height of the pandemic here in Wisconsin, the drive thru line would wrap around the building. Corona or not, people need Culvers and they will do just about anything for it. This year the boys (and girls) in blue are taking a different approach. The culinary mad scientists over at Culver’s headquarters have come up with a solution for their calorie packed deep fried fish dinner.

What they created is the all new “FAT FREE FISH FRY”! Culver’s teamed up with former Frito-Lay food chemists who were responsible for the WOW chips in the late 90’s. Those chips had half the calories and zero grams of fat. They were made with a product called Olestra. Now this product should’ve been an American dream, a diet snack chip, but it turned into a nightmare. Olestra when overly consumed, acted as a laxative which caused stomach cramping, and severe diarrhea. The chips didn’t remain on the shelves long and the dream of a diet snack chip disappeared. According to sources, this time around they got it right. The food chemists found a way to make the Olestra molecules smaller and easier to digest, which makes it easier on the stomach and still has the benefits of being fat free without the punishing cramps and explosive diarrhea.  Culver’s will now fry the fish and French fries in Olestra instead of traditional cooking oil. This will give diners a healthy fish fry option here in Wisconsin and make splurging on that double scoop of custard a little less sinful.

Culver’s new fat free fish fry is being tested at all Wisconsin locations starting next week Friday. The fish fry can be ordered with either cod or walleye and can be made as a sandwich as well. Hopefully it will prove to be a success, considering there is still a nationwide toilet paper shortage.

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