Coast Guard Apprehends Narco-sub Running Aged Cheddar From Wisconsin To Michigan

MANITOWOC, WI- The US Coast Guard has reportedly apprehended several narco-subs on Lake Michigan that were smuggling aged cheddar from Wisconsin to Michigan.

According to sources, the Coast Guard had received a tip-off about suspicious activity on the lake and launched a full-scale operation to intercept the narco-subs. After a dramatic chase, the subs were finally apprehended, and upon inspection, it was found that they were carrying large quantities of aged cheddar cheese.

Some have even called for the creation of a specialized cheese task force to tackle this growing problem. However, others have dismissed the incident as a bizarre one-off and have urged the authorities to focus on more pressing matters.

Regardless of the response, it seems that the apprehension of the narco-subs on Lake Michigan has left a sour taste in the mouths of cheese lovers everywhere.

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