Aaron Rodgers Blames Lion’s Loss On The Hat Man

GREEN BAY, WI- America’s Team suffered a narrow defeat against the Detriot Lion’s yesterday as both teams played to compete in the playoffs. Audience members were quick to place the blame on quarterback Aaron Rodgers who recently spoke up about his visions of Hat Man. A shadowy figure wearing a hat who’s haunted Rodgers since his Aauyasca trips in Peru. A press conference after the game revealed that the Hat Man may have been responsible for yesterday’s loss against the Lions.

“I just Kept throwing the ball to the Hat Man, he was always wide open, floating high above the rest of the players, it was so scary I just had to.” – Aaron told ESPN.

“None of us other players have seen the Hat Man, only Aaron, but it’s all pretty spooky. What if he’s there but we just can’t see him?” said De’Vondre Campbell, Line Backer.

Jonald McDonald reporting.

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