We Mic’d Up The Local Sign Spinner And Holy Sh*t He’s Racist As F*ck

WAUKESHA, WI- During a recent sign spin session, mic’d up Liberty Tax spinner Larry Hanson went on a racially charged tirade with phrases we couldn’t put in print even if it were 1953. While we assumed anyone standing on the side of the road in Waukesha muttering to themselves to be racist, this still came as quite a shock from someone wearing a Statue of Liberty costume. 

“That’s right you dumb #%$%#% go back to @%%$#@$!” Larry shouted at a car passing by that politely honked. When we asked Larry why he would say such a thing knowing we had a microphone attached to his collar for an upcoming expose on the life of a road side mascot, he simply mumbled “I don’t care what any damn foreigner thinks, they come to our country, steal our jobs, date our women and still always get a huge tax refund from my employers” He also added that he grew up in Waukesha and everything went to hell as soon as they opened that damn Walmart. 

The last thing we captured before we shut his microphone off was Larry babbling “Close the borders at the Mexico border, screw that, close them at the Milwaukee border”.

Sorry Larry, looks like this is one job the Mexicans didn’t take from you. Needless to say, our assumption about Waukesha was once again spot on.

It’s nice to meet you.

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