TODAY ONLY! Gas Up With The Kwik Trip Zip! 

LA CROSSE – For over 50 years Kwik Trip has always had that gas, but on this most sacred of stoner holidays they’re taking it one very slow step further. 

Today only stop at your nearest Kwik Trip and pick up an ounce of that sticky icky courtesy of Wisconsin’s favorite convenience store chain. 

They offer a variety of strains including:

  • Glazed and Confused, a 24.45% THC Hybrid that pairs great with a cup of Karuba Coffee
  • Nature’s Dutch, a 14.76% THC Indica that will make you forget you already paid at the pump
  • Rib Sandwich Haze, a 19.3% THC Sativa that will make you sink into your couch and wonder why science hasn’t developed any new textures.

So turn on some Cheddar News, relax, and blow down on this limited edition Za Za. We’ll see you next time.

It’s nice to meet you.

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