Potawatomi Casino Breaks 32 Knees On First Day As Bookie

MILWAUKEE, WI- Potawatomi Casino is off to a hot start in the underbelly of the gambling world after they successfully managed to break 32 knees of people who already fell behind on their payments.

“They agreed to the bet, they lost. We made our terms pretty damn clear, and we didn’t hire this former Russian soldier to tend bar for no reason. We had to make it known we aren’t fucking around here.”

While most of the unlucky gamblers’ identities have not been released, it’s known that the first person to place a bet at the new Milwaukee location, was also the first person to meet Aleksander.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson shared his experiences of being the first legal bettor in Milwaukee.

“That place sucks ass, and that Alek guy can have all the training he wants, but I’m coming back with my Nunchacku.”

It’s nice to meet you.

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