Multiple Casualties Reported After Cribbage Brawl At Northern Wisconsin Regional Tournament

WAUSAU, WI- A well known rivalry in the cribbage world boiled over to a brutal conclusion last week, after the Kewaskum Moose Lodge and the Ashwaubenon Rotary Club kicked off in a brawl that lasted almost an hour.

“They’ve been going at each other’s bits for a year or two, the bartender at the last tournament threatened to cut them off on pitchers if they didn’t behave, which thankfully calmed the edges for that round.”

“This is unlike the well known brawl of 1989. One guy had pegs in his eyes, and another had a cribbage board forced a quarter way into his rectum.”

Speaking to WNT, the Wisconsin Cribbage Association rep also pointed out that even though this is an extremely concerning event, Dana White reached out to him regarding a lucrative TV deal in which the benefits may outweigh the risks.

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