Man With American Flag As Profile Picture Doesn’t “Get What’s Funny”

Whether it’s a skull with blue flames coming out of the eyes, an extreme close up of a man wearing sunglasses or a thin blue line flag. It’s an almost a gaurenteed shitty take.

In regards to our article “Recent Hop Expansion Brings Chaos To Milwaukee Flugtag”

We here at WNT love a shitty take here and there. Something to remind us to cater to our simpler audience. Something that brings us back down from our self made mountain of fart jokes and jokes about derailing street cars. We seem to have forgotten ourselves. Recent evidence shows that our apparently “high brow humor” may be above some of our most esteemed audience members.

We are sorry Brian, we will make an effort to make more abortion jokes in the future per your request.

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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