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Fond Du Lac Man Watches in Horror As Dog Carried Away By Swarm Of Lake Flies

FOND DU LAC, WI- Spring is in the air for Fond Du Lac residents but there’s something more. No, it’s not the crushing reality of living in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. It’s the annual Winnebago Lake Fly spawn. Often considered a nuisance these flies actually play a critical role in the lakes ecosystem serving as the primary source of food for sturgeon and other fish. In fact around 95% of lake flies end up getting eaten at some point in their life cycle. So, not exactly top of the food chain. At least that’s what we thought.

Douglas Bertrand, long time resident of Fond Du Lac watched in horror Tuesday morning as his beloved beagle, Prince Emir, was whisked away while on his morning walk.

“I.. I.. I just don’t understand. What are they going to do with my sweet boy? I’m pretty sure they don’t even have mouths.” Doug said in an interview with WNT. Local scientists weighed in with some alarming information. Claiming this new subspecies of Lake Fly is faster, stronger and bolder than the ones we’ve seen in years passed.

“They seem to be carnivorous but lack the ability to feast on the supple flesh of their prey due to their lack of mouths.”

The city is urging it’s residents to not panic and keep children under 50 pounds inside until somewhere around mid July. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Prince Emir are being asked to call this special hotline: 248-434-5508

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