5 Wisconsin Beers So Good They’re Begging You To Become A Raging Alcoholic

Getting into drinking is a satisfying hobby that’ll help you alienate your family that you don’t like much anyways. If you’ve been reluctant to hop on the booze wagon, don’t worry, because these beers are so damn good, they’re almost begging you to become an alcoholic.

5). Raspberry Tart by (New Glarus Brewing Co)

It was really hard to pick just one beer from the legendary New Glarus Brewing Company to be on this list. In the end we went with the one beer that we can drink like we’re breathing air. It goes down smoother on a hot summer day on the water.

4). Black Gold (Central Waters Brewing Co.)

11% you might as well be drinking whiskey.

3). Barrel-aged Twelve-Dog (Black Husky Brewing)

We were initially disappointed that this beer contained zero dog, but it’s woody flavor and smooth taste was enough to win us back. We can’t recommend this one enough.

2). Spare Time (Good City Brewing)

We’ve nothing to say about this beer that can’t be said from our rolled over news van.

1). Kentucky Breakfast Stout (Founders Brewing Company)

The name really says it all here. Aching to quench your thirst in the morning with something both smooth and filling? KBS is the beer to finally push you over that edge into alcoholic territory. You are drinking in the morning.

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